Don’t let proper nutrition be a crucial overlooked detail in your success as an athlete. Work with Andrea to optimize your training with cutting edge, evidence-based and practical sport nutrition advice to help you improve performance, reach your optimal body composition goals, recover faster, improve health and prevent illness – no matter what your sport or level.

For Sports Teams and Clubs

Nutrition Workshops for athletes, coaches, trainers, parents of athletes. 
Topics Include:
  • Nutrition for optimal recovery from exercise
  • What to eat before, during and after practices and games
  • How to achieve adequate hydration and how that impacts performance
  • Safety, efficacy and usage of supplements (sports foods and ergogenic aid
  • Eating Healthy on the Road & During Competition
  • Keeping Immune System Healthy
  • How to create quick, healthy and balanced high performance meals and snacks for athletes
  • Grocery store tours and cooking demonstrations also available
Other services for teams
  • Competition day meals and hydration planning
  • Recovery nutrition strategies
  • Menu creation and meal planning during travel
  • Grocery store tours
  • Cooking demos and classes
  • Body Composition Assessments
By working with an experienced Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist, you can learn:
  • What to eat before exercise and training so you don’t run out of energy, feel hungry or experience GI upset 
  • How much you should be hydrating and refuelling during training
  • The right foods to eat after a workout to reduce muscle soreness, fatigue and meet body composition goals
  • Eat so that you perform your best and reach your performance goals
  • Lose weight or gain muscle
  • Make sure you are getting all of the right foods and nutrients
  • Learn the science behind nutrition and understand the ‘why’ so you can continue to apply these strategies
  • Learn how to create balanced meals and snacks to keep you energized, well fuelled and minimize cravings
  • Get advice on supplements

I work with individual atheltes, sports teams, sports clubs, coaches and trainers. I can create an individualized package that meets your needs.